Visa – Tuesday Afternoon, Moody Blues

An aquatic adventure to the tune of Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues.

The Moody Blues, a band from Birmingham, England, was founded by Michael Pinder and Ray Thomas in 1964.  The band lives on despite numerous member changes over the years.  Amazingly, they are still touring.

Check in with Moody Blues:

Get Tuesday Afternoon on The Moody Blues & London Festival Orchestra - Anthology: the Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
[youtube oMsveqwyUgE]

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  1. I had to google this page b/c my son and I were in the car yesterday, and “Tuesday Afternoon” came on the radio. I knew the song as a kid, but..
    my son said he heard the song in TV ad. I thought I did too! But we couldn’t remember which one!! So, google it and you will know!

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