Blackberry Storm, Verizon – Human, The Killers

Blackberry and Verizon introduce the Blackberry Storm phone. The storm is pretty sleek.

This commercial uses the very beginning of Human by the Killers (listen carefully at the end of the ad). Expect more music from the Killers in this ad campaign…

The killers still have their website, and a new album coming out, Day and Age (available for pre-order on iTunes).

Get Human on The Killers - Human - Single - Human

[youtube 5ALkp35cSKg]

7 replies on “Blackberry Storm, Verizon – Human, The Killers”

  1. that song is not by the killers, i’ve listened to the commercial many times and while it’s similar sounding it’s not the song Human….

  2. Wow britt r u deaf?? i mean if u played the video above, u should recognize the song as the killers “human”. There is also another commercial out for the blackberry storm which is not by the killers.

  3. I think britt is looking for the other song – so am I. “Human” is the song for part of the commercial, but what’s the song at the end of the commercial? Someone else had suggested “Spaceman” by The Killers but that’s not it either….. at least not the song I uh obtained *cough*.

  4. I hate when I can’t figure out the name of a song in a commerical. however thanks to the web,it info like that is very easy to come by. thanks to everyone for their help.

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