Lexus RX 350 – Where You Belong, Faded Paper Figures

UPDATE: The full length version of Where You Belong is now available on the Many thanks to Kael Alden and Faded Paper Figures. Enjoy!

Plus, if you like Where you Belong you’ll love the new album from Faded Paper Figures, Dynamo. Available on Faded Paper Figures - Dynamo

Addictive, electronic and very Lexus. Where You Belong makes this commercial “just right.”

Fortunately, a full version of Where You Belong exists but Faded Paper Figures and/or Robot Repair (see below) must jump through some legal hoops to publicly release Where You Belong.

Faded Paper Figures, a California based trio, is made up of R. John Williams, Kael Alden, and Heather Alden.

Hear some of their other tracks at and find out what they are up to at

The Robot Repair Connection:

Kael is also a composer at Robot Repair – a dedicated music house that produces completely original music intended for film, commercials, and art. They have crafted music for Audi, Acura, Lexus, Cadillac, etc.

Robot Repair has a huge demo library full of tons of little gems. The only downside is that most of the songs really are only 30 seconds.

[youtube fTSAjQcPv0U]