The OC, Season 2 – Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers

The OC packs in some great tunes including this practically complete music video Season 2 episode. Smile Like You Mean It is the center piece of the scene.

Why so many posts about The Killers this week? Because they are that good.

Check out whats new with The Killers at

Get Smile Like You Mean It on The Killers - Hot Fuss - Smile Like You Mean It

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  1. Adverts introduce you to some great tunes, but there is some serious overkill, depending on the stage of the artists career, for me it can put me off as i will associate them with some cheesy ad. However, tv and films is different, can make you love films even more…. friends are the best for influencing music taste, my friend took me along to this Eric Solomon concert a few weeks ago, i’d never heard of him, and was a bit dubious, however, was amazing!!

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