Away We Go – All My Days, Alexi Murdoch

Alexi Murdoch’s mellow acoustics thrive throughout this fantastic movie directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty).  The main characters Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) embark on a wandering, life adventure.  The plot is thoughtful and real which goes hand in hand with Alexi’s soulful sound.  A great movie with great music – go enjoy!

The Away We Go soundtrack is essentially a resurgence of Alexi Murdoch’s 2006 album: Thoughts and Consequence (plus a few new tracks to boot).

Alexi Murdoch is best known for his break out song, Orange Sky, featured in a number of TV Shows, movies, and commercials.

See what’s next for Alexi:

Also, the official Away We Go site has an interesting interview with Alexi on music, inspiration, etc.

Dentyne – Summer Day, Coconut Records

Quirky sound by Coconut Records highlights how direct communication is often underestimated in this smoochy Dentyne commercial.

Coconut Records is a solo artist based in Los Angeles which is none other than Jason Schwartzman with contributions from Zooey Deschanel.  He has been moonlighting as an indie musician while not acting/writing  films like The Darjeeling Limited or Rushmore.  Jason also used to be the drummer for the band, Phantom Planet.

Learn more about Coconut Records:

Get Summer Day on Coconut Records - Nighttiming - Summer Day
[youtube QMoT1abNipM]

NBA Finals – Fly, Ludovico Einaudi

This instrumental ballad is mesmerizing.  Minimal and fluid, Fly, is a great fit for an ad hyping the unknown.  And Kobe Bryant is the perfect subject. The NBA found some amazing music this year: Fly by Ludovico Einaudi.

Ludovico Einaudi is originally from Turin, Italy.  As a classical composer and pianist he has produced ten classical (mainly piano) albums since 1996.  Interesting fact: his grandfather, Luigi, was the President of the Italian Republic.

The song Fly is from his 2007 album Divenire.

Learn more about Ludovico Einaudi

NOTE : not sure why pulled the LeBron version, but they did…Kobe has graciously taken his place.

Visa – Tuesday Afternoon, Moody Blues

An aquatic adventure to the tune of Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues.

The Moody Blues, a band from Birmingham, England, was founded by Michael Pinder and Ray Thomas in 1964.  The band lives on despite numerous member changes over the years.  Amazingly, they are still touring.

Check in with Moody Blues:

Get Tuesday Afternoon on The Moody Blues & London Festival Orchestra - Anthology: the Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
[youtube oMsveqwyUgE]

Kia Soul – Fort Knox, Goldfish

Hamsters can roll in style too.  Funny commercial from Kia highlights what lemmings we can be.  The Kia Soul enters the scene with a stand out track, Fort Knox by Goldfish.

Based out of beautiful Cape Town, South Africa – Dominic Peters and David Poole are the core members of the electronica-dance group.  They started as collegiate DJ’s and have since moved up the ranks with songs like Fort Knox – their new music from Caught in the Loop is just as energizing.

Check out what the gold fish are up to:

Fort Knox is included in the album, Perceptions of Pacha:  download it directly from Goldfish:

Or grab the most recent Goldfish album, Caught in the Loop, on Goldfish - Caught In the Loop
[youtube HQ-CDE_r_wg]

Visa Debit – Moving On, Myrtle Street Connection

Absurd reality dominates this commercial while the song, Moving On, offers an energizing beat.

Myrtle Street Connection is an indie pop-folk band based in New South Wales, Australia. The core members are Elliot Wheeler and Emma Hoy, but they collaborate with various other artists. As is the case with Moving On where Andy Calvert (singer from Wifey) does the vocals.

See what’s new with Myrtle Street Connection at:

Get Moving On via – an amazing platform where musicians can share, promote, or sell their music directly to fans and audiophiles.

[youtube -NIxGmSl838]