YouTube Covers – Human, The Killers

The Killers, yet again, crafted a song, Human, that is deliciously addictive.

In the day of YouTube this addiction is shared by many users & clearly widespread, global even. Spending a few minutes on the video site, one can find tons of covers.

A fascinating phenomenon – this is a tribute to all the people who shared their musical interpretations of Human by the Killers.

Below are a few versions, interpretations. Cheers!

Get Human on The Killers - Human - Single - Human

“Hawaiian” version with ukulele/piano/vocals
[youtube rMaP9Xr25Ww]

Instrumental version with piano by liqu1dkeys
[youtube Qefl2Z3FBs0]

Acoustic cover with guitar and vocals
[youtube MCFV2aEYhpw]

Acoustic guitar and vocals by msevrens
[youtube h1WWsIm15U]

Another acoustic version – guitar with vocals by johnclinebell
[youtube Q71ubg_QKeg]