Away We Go – All My Days, Alexi Murdoch

Alexi Murdoch’s mellow acoustics thrive throughout this fantastic movie directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty).  The main characters Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) embark on a wandering, life adventure.  The plot is thoughtful and real which goes hand in hand with Alexi’s soulful sound.  A great movie with great music – go enjoy!

The Away We Go soundtrack is essentially a resurgence of Alexi Murdoch’s 2006 album: Thoughts and Consequence (plus a few new tracks to boot).

Alexi Murdoch is best known for his break out song, Orange Sky, featured in a number of TV Shows, movies, and commercials.

See what’s next for Alexi:

Also, the official Away We Go site has an interesting interview with Alexi on music, inspiration, etc.