Visa – Super Freak, Rick James

In this new Visa commercial, Super Freak by Rick James acts as the glue for a panoply of characters who try to “sing along.”

Rick James (RIP) is an iconic MoTown, R&B, Funk singer songwriter also known for You and I and Ebony Eyes hits in the 70’s & 80’s. MC Hammer used the base track from Super Freak resulting in amazing success with his single U Can’t Touch This (1990). Catch Hammer live on Twitter @mchammer.

The Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection

Rick James’ drug problems were again made infamous by a Dave Chappelle/Charlie Murphy skit in 2004 where many one-liners have become ubiquitous catch phrases.

Get Super Freak on Rick James - Rick James: The Ultimate Collection - Super Freak

Video link coming soon…