Canon Rebel XSi – Sacred Noise, Michael Montes


Montes runs a commercial music company called Sacred Noise. They have a small portfolio of work as well as a large library of music made for advertising, television, and film The music is by Micheal Montes and other collaborating artists.

Sacred Noise is a rolling piano score written and composed by Michael Montes. You can learn more about his music at his site: Together with the Canon inspired photo montage, this commercial has a fantastic finish.

This track is not currently available for purchase.  Although a new album, Such Siren Worlds is due for release sometime soon.

[vimeo 1160367]

7 replies on “Canon Rebel XSi – Sacred Noise, Michael Montes”

  1. hey do you think you can send me the sheet music for this song? It’d be greatly appreciated thanks…

  2. Victoria,

    Your best bet is to contact Sacred Noise directly or contact some of the many YouTube users who have figured out the song…
    [youtube 9Pk0R8OWg0k]

  3. ok i’m actually begging for the sheet music i’ve spent the last hour online and haven’t found it so please, take pity on me.

  4. Ok I’ve spent like 5 monthes looking for thi sheet music now I finally have a real name to the song and still can’t find the sheet music. PLEASE!!! If you value sanity levels send me the sheet music!!

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