Audi A4 – Notes of Progress

Amazing classical culmination. Interesting story behind this commercial. The music was soley created for the commercial and the full track is only one minute long (unfortunately).

Due to an overwelming demand from consumers, Audi made the track available for download on their site You will need to watch the “Progress is Beautiful” series of commercials (2 total) – then you will be prompted with the option of downloading the commercials or the music.

The production music sounds similar to a mixture of The Beatles and possibly Enya

Hopefully Audi (and the composers) will consider rolling out a full track sometime in the future..

Enjoy this taste of music for now!

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  1. I hope the composer makes a full track. The song is fantastically dreamy! Sometimes I hate it when songs are developed with a commercial because this happens… 1 min. of beauty.

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