Apple iPod Nano – Bruises, Chairlift

A chromatic commercial from Apple showing off the new colors for the iPod Nano (5th generation). The electronic-pop tune, Bruises, by Chairlift floats through the ad while iPods float by.

Chairlift is a band from Brooklyn, NY (the founding members got their start University of Colorado before moving to New York).

See what Caroline, Aaron, and Patrick are up to at or at their MySpace page.

Get Bruises on Chairlift - Does You Inspire You - Bruises

2 replies on “Apple iPod Nano – Bruises, Chairlift”

  1. I remember 2007’s IPod commercial song sung by Leslie Feist: “1234.” Now I’m hearing IPod’s latest (Sept. ’08) commercial song, and I’m thinking: “Feist again?” I don’t want to look foolish in front of “my” 9th-grade students. Am I correct?

  2. The iPod Nano ad featuring 1234 by Feist, originally aired in September 2007 (according to Wiki “know-it-all” pedia).

    Either you saw a re-broadcast of the old one or you could be confusing Leslie Feist with a different musician- both possibilities. Apple commercials have used a number of female vocalists that have similar styles, sounds, etc.

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