Apple iPhone 3GS – Mr. Pitiful, Matt Costa

Ah the benefits of being SuperFast – as in with the new iPhone 3GS.  This ad shows how a skateboarder is easily recorded & uploaded onto the Internet by the new device,  while Mr. Pitiful by Matt Costa chimes along.  It’s ironic that Matt Costa was almost a professional skateboarder…

Check out the full music video, (see below)…there’s more to the song than the peppy piano intro used by Apple in their commercial.

Matt Costa is from California.  And according to

He may thrive on imagination, but Costa’s real life has never been dull. He grew up next door to a pet cemetery, played trumpet and piano, gave his first impromptu performance on a houseboat, and focused more on skateboarding than school in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California. He was drawn to the freedom and improvisation of skating, and also says, “I discovered a lot of music through skating — B-sides that nobody else had heard that made me want to find more music.

Learn more about Matt:

Get Mr Pitiful on Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces - Mr. Pitiful

[youtube UMPPqZ-NqcY]

The music video for Mr. Pitiful:

[youtube XR8ZRfDPosE]

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